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The Pinnacles in Berea (Fall Trip)


On Sunday morning my father (Eddie Smith) and I traveled down to Berea for an early morning hike.  Dad had never been to the pinnacles before so I was eager to show him around and introduce him to Tillie.  Unfortunately there was no Tillie to be found this time, there was one car in the parking lot when we arrived so I assumed she was already on the trail.

So we started our trip making first for the east Pinnacle and since Dad have never been there before my one warning was that the first climb can be a bit rough.  As we made it to the first split in the trail we made use of the bench provided and then took off to the right for East Pinnacle.  One of the most interesting things about hiking here is seeing the natural succession that is taking place after the wildfires that burned most of the area in the late 1980’s.  The fire burned 657 acres of forest and still seeing burned tree stumps after so many years reminds us of our responsibilities whenever we enter a natural area to be safe because the  lasting effects of what we do will most likely continue on even after we are no longer here. Read the rest of this entry »

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