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The Pinnacles in Berea, KY

IMG_0079This trail is a 6.6 mile loop that took us (Faneshia Mcpherson, Scott Walker, and myself) about 3.5 hours to complete while taking time to take in the sights and all the wonderful views that are available on this hike. This would be what I would consider a moderate trail as there are times when you are climbing but usually these are short lived followed by level hiking or a beautiful place to rest.  Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed…..that is except for one.  As we began our hike there was a very friendly dog that began to follow us and for the first part of the trail until it split east and west we were trying to get the dog to return to the trailhead were we figured it’s master had left it.  So noticing it’s large tag I had to check it out and it said “My name is Tillie, I am not a stray, I belong to the house next door, Let’s go for a hike!”  Unknowingly we had been trying to shoo away our personal trail guide.  Tillie was worth the trip as she stayed with us for a large part of the hike until she left to help a mother and her son who we met on the hike.  Some of the other features that this trail offers are:

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