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Raven Run Nature Sanctuary

Raven Run Nature Center

Raven Run Nature Center

As most were out and about looking for those Black Friday deals, I decided to get in a hike at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.  Raven Run Nature Sanctuary is a 734 acre nature sanctuary located near Nicholasville, KY.  Raven Run offers multiple programs not just for individuals but also for schools as well.  Information can be found at Raven Run’s website.

The sanctuary offers over 10 miles of trails that all are family friendly.  I decided that I would hit the red trail today which is the longest of the trails and has connectors to most of the popular view including Evans Mill and the Outlook.  So we will start from the parking lot which has plenty of spots and on most days needs them, as this is a very popular spot.  The lot was about half empty this morning with what I could figure to be people avoiding the Black Friday hustle and bustle.  As you start out it’s a short paved walk to the nature center which provides loads of information on the sanctuary as well as trail maps. Read the rest of this entry »

Maywoods: Eastern Kentucky’s Environmental Laboratory

DSC03562As a student at Eastern Kentucky University I had visited Maywoods several times for educational purposes.  I had limited experience on the trails and even less time to enjoy them fully.  Maywoods is listed as the Environmental and Educational Laboratory of Eastern Kentucky University, located 22 miles southwest of Richmond in Garrard and Rockcastle Counties.  It is a 1,700 acre natural area that is managed by the University, also a wildlife refuge for native plants and animals it is also home to Lake Edmiston.

Along with the lake Maywoods serves as an  excellent place for field trips, meetings, or for EKU to hold classes in the lodge that is located next to the lake.  The lodge has a large meeting room with food services and housing for up to 40 people.  The overall purpose of Maywoods is to educate and it is obvious by the trails around the property.  Each trail is identified by the type of ecosystem that is showcased along the trail with signs posted along the way that provide information concerning the specific type of ecosystem.  Here are the trails that can be found at Maywoods:

  • Lake Ecosystem Trail
  • Forest Ecosystem Trail
  • Oak-History Forest Trail
  • Lake Side Path
  • Stream Side Path

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Logan Hubble Park

Park view from entrance.

On this wonderful Christmas Eve morning I wanted to take a trip to a place that I have visited many times before as I used to mountain bike there often.  This place is Logan Hubble Park between Stanford and Lancaster off of Highway 27.  Typically this place offers more for horse riding enthusiast but has some designated walking/hiking trails.  Some basic info on the park, roughly 200 acres of land with a lake, also has basketball courts, volleyball, disc golf, along with multiple playgrounds.  Fishing is allowed on the lake along with a boat ramp, there is also access to Dix River in the park as well.

As you come into the park the road forks, the left leads to the majority of the park (lake, picnic facilities, etc.) and the right leads to the ramp to Dix River.  Parking is plentiful so I parked just inside the entrance on the left.  Today’s trip was more than just the normal hiking trails offered as I ventured into the equestrian trails as well.  The distance is however much you want, as little as half a mile, as many as 5.  I did about 5 miles today in a little over 2 hours. Read the rest of this entry »

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