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Cumberland Falls: Blue Bend and Eagle Falls

DSC02062This trip was a repeat of one I did earlier in the year and really enjoyed.  The differences are that this one is during the fall and we started this trek before the sun was up.  Nothing keeps you on your toes like parking beside the bear warnings and then starting your hike still needing your headlamp to see the trail ahead of you.  As we (Eddie Smith and myself) walked over to the trail head from the parking area we noticed a dark figure moving over by our car.  Based on the two previous sentences your probably thinking it was a bear……… wasn’t.  It was a dog, we watched the dog for a while and then decide to move on with our hike.  Shortly after starting we realize that the dog is following us.  We kept going and the dog stayed right with us the whole way, we checked and there was no tag.

We enjoyed the company all the way to the Sheltowee portion of the blue bend which is my personal favorite for all the rocky areas and ledges to play around on.  We climbed onto a ledge about 12 feet off the ground only to realize that the dog was trying to follow us up the rocks, which eventually led to the dog being stuck about 6 feet up and us having to rescue it.  Read the rest of this entry »

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