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Cumberland Falls: Dog Slaughter Falls

DSC03106So Dad and I decided to return to Cumberland Falls for the second time in eight days to try a new section of trails that neither of us had done before.  It’s being called Dog Slaughter Falls for the main attraction (Dog Slaughter Falls) but it is really a loop consisting of a few different trails which I will be very detailed about names and numbers so try and keep up.

The trail begins just down from the visitor’s center which is a good start because it allows for one to pick up a trail map at the visitor’s center, and it also allows for you to begin and end with the Cumberland Falls.  When you come to the official trailhead one thing that you will notice is that there are several names for the same section of trail: Moonbow trail, Park Trail 1, Sheltowee Trail 100.  From here on I’ll introduce the trail with all names used then I will refer to it by the park’s numbering system.  Let’s go. Read the rest of this entry »

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