North Shore Tour # 2

This will be the second and last of my California post (at least for a while).  Once again I will just be sharing some brief thoughts on these places and how they compare with Kentucky trails.  So during this post I will cover Annadel State Park # 2, Angel Island, and Mount Tamalpais State Park.  As in the first Cali post I will add a link on each place so if you want to research more for trip planning or whatever you can do so.  Let’s get started.

Annadel State Park

ANN Lk Ilsanjo pano3.jpg (no description)

Once again my brother and I embarked on a five mile trail run which led us to Lake Ilsanjo which is the body of water that you see in the picture above.  The trip to the lake was all up hill for about 2.5 miles which made it tough for running but the views offered as forest turned into grassland and as you reached higher elevations and could see most of Santa Rosa down below.  As far as wildlife goes, Turkey and Deer will be the most common but on occasion Jackrabbits and Rattlesnakes will make their presence known.  The lake makes for a perfect midpoint as it would be an excellent place to stop and eat or do a little fishing.  The return trip relied mostly on a fire road but never lost that trail feeling.  This part of the trip is all downhill and can be completed really quickly.  How does this area compare to Kentucky trails, well, it offers a lot of different trails which makes it comparable to areas like Daniel Boone National forest.

Angel Island State Park

The largest island in San Francisco Bay once used for military installations now is a haven for hikers, bikers, and boaters in the bay area.  This trail leads to the top of Mt. Livermore which provides amazing views of the city, Alcatraz, and Golden Gate Bridge.  The hike up started with a lot of stairs which can be tiring but soon turned into a peaceful, gradual climb that did not serve to be much of an obstacle in making your way to the top.  At the top they have picnic tables and benches in a marked off area that allows for time to rest as well as getting in some great pictures.   We returned the same way we came up to make it about a 4 mile hike,  not too bad allowing us to finish in a little over two hours making it back down in time to catch the ferry across the bay.  All in all it was a good trail, not my favorite of the trip but it did provide me with some great views and even better memories of the area.

Mount Tamalpais State Park

Mount Tamalpais

After seeing this mountain all week driving north and south on Highway 101 my curiosity eventually got the better of me.  On my last day my brother and I took a little time to head to the top of this mountain.  With an elevation of 2,571 feet it may not be the highest peak around but you will be hard pressed to find better views from the top.  I was able to see Mt. St. Helena (which is 52.4 miles to the north) and Mt. Diablo (40+ miles away) to the south.  All typical icons of the bay area can also be seen as long as the weather permits.  It is a climb to the top at times crawling over open rock to keep with the trail and then at the top you will find dizzying heights as you look down to the bay area below.  This one is not for everybody as I would list it as a difficult trail.  Kentucky trails don’t match the elevation change as many places in Kentucky start from a much higher elevation above sea level.

As this is my last day in California I will return to posting about Kentucky trails as well as offering some guest authors to share their experiences and trails.  So I look forward to returning home and seeing you on the trails.  Happy Hiking.

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