Cumberland Falls: Blue Bend and Eagle Falls


Blue Bend

Bruce Crawford and I started our day on the Blue Bend trail at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.  The trail begins across the river if you are at the visitor’s center, cross the bridge and there is a parking area on the right.  The trail begins just short of the parking on the left.  This is a 4.3 mile loop that should take around 3 hours depending on your level of comfort.  No dogs are allowed and maps are available at the gift shop.

The trail began with a slight climb to the top of the ridge at about half a mile from the trailhead.  The trail is well maintained with the exception of one downed sign but the direction of the trail from there was very obvious.  The trail will also be marked with blue paint and the number 10 as it is trail #10 at Cumberland Falls State Resort Park.

As you are heading down off the ridge the trail meets up with the Sheltowee Trace Trail and follows it all the way back to Highway 90.  This last 2 miles or so has plenty of wonderful spots for pictures and I have read that there are places for wading but the river was up a little when I was there and wading would not have been the best idea.  Small beaches were obvious and would have been nice if the water had been down.  On the opposite side of the trail there were rock ledges that followed all the way to the end of the trail which made for a god area to rest or picnic.

This trail is rated easy and was a peaceful walk in the woods that had some great views and relaxing atmosphere.  I would recommend this trail to anyone and it is accessible to anyone who wants to experience a good hike.

Eagle Falls

What can I say about Eagle Falls, some of the best waterfall views you’ll find but you will have to work for it.  This trail is not an easy one despite its distance at approximately 2 miles.  Eagle Falls trailhead is accessible from the parking lot used for Blue Bend.

This trail is all up and down with almost no level spots, you begin with a climb that eventually leads to a great spot for pictures with Cumberland Falls as your backdrop.

This trail starts as an out and back with a loop at the end, you will come to a sign that offers Eagle falls to the right and the loop to the left.  Let’s start with the loop.  Starts off great as you wind your way down to a fast flowing creek with a great waterfall that could be used as a water slide under the right circumstances.  From there the trail begins to climb and you are in for about 1.5 miles of hiking up and down the ridge.  It can be rough and I will say that it is not for everyone.

Once back to the sign you can choose to head down a steep grade with the help of rock and wooden stairs down to the metal stair casing that leads to Eagle Falls.  At the bottom of the stairs you will have to climb over logs and boulders working your way to the falls, once there you will have a perfect place for pictures and picnics.  Also if you are feeling a little adventurous climbing up behind the waterfall is possible.  Be extremely careful as the rocks were very slick.  As always hard work usually ends with a good reward and your reward in this case is feeling the mist off the waterfall as you sit on a huge rock right next to the waterfall about 35 feet above the pool of water below.

Two great trails in one day that took a total of 3 and half hours to complete.  One of the best  sights for Kentucky trails you will find.  Please post comments and pictures if you have any and as always Happy Hiking.

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