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Tech For Your Treck #1: iPhone Apps

iphone_homeGranted, hiking for most people means getting away from things like phones and such. But for those that decide to venture with their gadgets, I’ve come across a couple that make for great companions. Today’s feature covers a couple of iPhone apps that are must haves for your next outing.

About the iPhone:

The iPhones lends itself to hiking due to it’s built in GPS features and the apps that utilize those features, but not without caveats(of course). While the GPS in the iPhone is a sturdy mechanism, you will find that if you are going to be covered by extremely dense forest the data won’t be as reliable. Most apps will continue to poll the GPS until a usable signal is found and continue updating your travel, making for a realiable map in the end.

App #1: Runkeeper

Note: Runkeeper comes in two flavors. Free, which is free and ad supports. And Pro with costs $9.99 with no ads. RunKeeper Free RunKeeper Pro(Links open in Itunes) Read the rest of this entry »

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