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So I know that I said my next post would be after another hiking trip but two sites were brought to my attention by some friends of mine and I thought they needed to be addressed. Both of these sites have pros and cons but both can also be a helpful resource to Kentucky hikers.
The first of these sites is Jody Elliot clued me in to this site yesterday and I found it to be very helpful for everything from finding topographical maps of trails to helping find what gear is best for me among many other things. This is the site of Backpacker Magazine. The only downside to the site is the lack of Kentucky trails. The five trails offered are:
· Sal Hollow Loop (Mammoth Cave National Park)
· Auxier Ridge Trail (Red River Gorge)
· Knobby Rock Loop
· White Rocks Hike (Cumberland Gap National Park)
· Wilderness Road Trail (Cumberland Gap National Park)

Along with topographical maps of all the trails this site also provides GPS coordinates for those who have such resources at the fingertips. All in all I will be visiting this site very often for tips, new gear ideas, and to read stories of other hikers from around the world.

The next site that was brought to my attention is Scott Walker sent me this site via Facebook after seeing my comment about lack of maps on the web. This map does a lot of really cool things including showing some of the hiking trails in Kentucky along with some other trails used for Motorcycles, Mountain Biking, Equestrian use and ATV trails. This could be very useful to find trails around your area that you did not know exist. It does not however provide the names of trails so more searching will need to be done. It also does not have all the trails that can be found, it has some of the major ones but not all.
In summation has huge amounts of information but only 5 trails in Kentucky, lots of trails but no names which can be problematic. If anyone has any other sites they would like me to take a look at or if you know of a great site for Kentucky hiking let me know. So as always, Happy Hiking.

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